Tarot reading

Tarot Cards Now!

Born into a psychically gifted family my early exposure to the occult arts and  powerful Manitoba landscape nourished my natural curiosity and studious inquisitive personality. This exposure evolved and heightened my psychic intuitive processes, especially the claircognizant and clairsentient abilities I believe we all carry with us. This took some getting used to since the social culture I was living in was not acknowledging or encouraging these abilities in people.

Especially drawn to playing cards and my Mothers Tarot deck, 22 years old was a turning point when I started ‘reading the cards’ for others – mostly riffing off intuition. Gradually over the years through study and experience I developed my skills to the point where I was reading professionally in shops, freelancing for individual and group readings and finally working the telephone psychic lines. A point was reached where a break was required to adjust myself and figure out how to satisfy the clientele expectations in line with my own spiritual and ethical needs.

Since I arrived where I am today with the help of many teachers I now view Tarot Card Readings as a team effort. In addition to the knowledge and abilities I bring to the reading the psychic skills and wisdom of the person being read for impact the reading greatly and are acknowledged. My purpose is to connect people to the cards by pointing out patterns and symbolic importance of what is being shown, in effect magnifying the subconscious clues that help guide people towards their full potential.

Click here for a list of weblinks to Tarots cards, occult information and a bunch of other stuff.

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