Psychic abilities

Psychic What?

My realization that something was up came to me at a very young age. Raised as a wild ‘only child’ of the 70’s I preferred to be outside roaming the block to see what kinds of mischief I could get into. This ungoverned attitude led me right onto the path of the occult which developed into a passion for esoteric and arcane knowledge which I still have to this day. Straight into my teens I was always up for something different with new and exciting people therefore I managed to have many adventures often learning things the hard way. I came to be in contact with a large variation of situations, personalities and backgrounds opening my eyes to a basic fact of life – we are all connected and have the same basic needs. Coincidences and ‘chance meetings’ are only two of the phenomenon that indicates there is a rhythm and flow to all of this and a certain something that is connecting us all to each other.

The word ‘psychic’ is a really general term, so to narrow it down I think I am strongest at being clairsentient and claircognizant . Claircognizant because I am a detail-orientation occult science devotee often having intense flashes of insight. These can be quite profound in some life changing way leading me into situations where I can connect brightly with others or get a heady dose of what I need or may need to pass on to another. Clairsentient because I pick up on the energy of others and am able to dig deep and really feel their energy and intentions. I get impressions of their lives that closely connected to their current state and images in my mind’s eye that give perceptions which are revealed to be true over time in some form. There have been many teachers along the way and the one thing that stood out the most is being taught this simple fact – my abilities are not special! We all have them and they are like muscles – unique to the individual and must be cared for and trained to be strong and useful.

As a side note – when I am sleeping my dreams take me into a psychic space that is another level of ability… the dream world is a very special place for everyone. Deep sleep dreaming and lucid dreaming both take me to very different places, maybe worlds! I like to fly in my dreams and have started propelling myself inside building spaces and at ‘things’, which is a real rush and empowering if it is something that is terrorizing me. I refer to all that is considered ghosts, spirits, energy, angels, demons etc. as ‘things’; this is not meant to disrespect – I just simply think we do not have the proper language to articulate what they are. Why else are there thousands of explanations throughout the history of humanity as we know it. Sorry but I do not think one is right and the other is wrong – this is how wars happen. I digress….Speaking of ‘things’ there is also the subject of seeing when awake….’things’…flying around, walking around, sitting or standing. These ‘things’ trip me out the hardest when I am with people and we both see them – it gives the most delicious goosebumps!! This has happened randomly without provocation so I know it is ‘authentic’; by that I mean we didn’t call it forth so it is not our energy or a specific ‘called forth’ energy we are seeing. It has helped greatly to experience ‘seeing’ things when other people you are with make note of it. I cannot describe how liberating it is when someone else can see with you, when you realize you are not alone it is a relief. Unique dream experiences and seeing ‘things’ are not at all unusual, they are part of a global phenomenon everyone is experiencing in their own personal way. But the seeing ‘things’ and dream worlds are major topics for another sesh.

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