Fool Zero 0 Number 22


–        May need to leave others behind, not ready for commitments. Separated from others

–        Money will only increase with very hard work, confidence. Must rule unconscious mind

–        Accident prone, beggar, lunatic, madman, jester, joker

–        Pouch/ bag represents untapped knowledge. Staff is power, use correctly not just to hang knowledge on

–        Independent of other trump cards, sometimes played as #22 – the Master Builder of Spirit. Can lead with #22 to greatest heights/downfall. Most powerful number to make dreams a reality

–        Most valuable playing card in tarot deck. Plays angles, ‘the excuse’. Can be lowest, highest value, wild card

–        Newness, look where you are going, fresh start, the need for a new spiritual start

–        Look up to sky/ spirit. West, unknown, body, rooster – to bring home traveller?. Mountains, leaving behind. North – wisdom, thought, mind, orientation. Sun rising at back of Rider-Waite image may depict North

–        Dog – pushing forward into lesson, warning. Basic instincts

–        Child-like, androgynous

–        Related to planet Uranus – forward looking, rebellion, element of air, Aquarius

–        Quintessence – Hermetic Seal of Life; transmute physical body to purer energy

–        Related to Aries – Mars, element of fire , head, face; colors: purple (head), orange/ yellow (spirit), cardinal – start/ initiate

–        Aleph – Ox

–       Related to Gemini/ Mercury, Libra/ Venus


–        Transformational change, cosmic egg, circle

–        Primordial androgyny, plenum

–        Empty circle – both nothingness of death and totality of life

–        Ascent – decent, evolution – involution. Gateway to immortality

–        Cancer, Moon, sound of OM

–        Void, non-being, non-existence, absolute. Shapeless, lack of detail, unorganized

–        Result of deductions. Enhances qualities of other numbers example 1 to 10

–        Eternal, Aleph, Ox, Fool, Air, Chameleon, Ouroboros

–        Not a fixed size, circle can grow/shrink and contains all. Has ability to change numbers around it

–        Symbol empty oyster – giver of life

–        Latin ‘Nulla Figura’ – not a real figure

–        Theoretical ‘element zero’ Neutronium. A gaseous substance composed mainly of neutrons clumped together by immense gravity. Found in smallest/ densest stars called neutron stars which are the collapsed cores of larger stars. It is like an atomic nucleus and unstable, but elements don’t have to be long lasting so therein lies the debate if it is an element

Number 22

–        Qualities of 2 (emotional)– doubles to 4 (intellectual). Master Builder

–        Master number, most do not reduce to 4

–        22 Major Arcana/ paths of Kabbalistic Tree of Life/ letters of Hebrew alphabet

–        Gentle, subtle build solid foundation with 4 quality

–        Build something meaningful. Secure foundation for family/ business/ legacy

–        True creator, deep feelings -> concrete

–        Must ward off negative thoughts

–        Sensitivity and compassion of 2 helps elevate 4 to wider sphere

–        Number 22 chosen by prophets, magicians and philosophers to convey ideas. For example 22 chapters, books, volumes of works written by these sorts of people

–        Quiet systematic approach to life = big payoffs spiritually/ materially

–        Can be immensely successful, use power wisely

–        Enlightened, pragmatic idealist, humanitarian, powerful on many levels

–        Gets results, work globally, visionary, inventive

–        Stubborn, intense rage, destructive if disillusioned, high strung, on nerves

–        Power hungry, can be contrary to not be ordinary, criminal because feel above law

–        Feminine, introvert, passive. Number of Tao – mystical number that involves a high degree of consciousness to handle material world without getting corrupted

–        Catch 22 – difficult situation of no escape because it involves mutually conflicting or dependent conditions, no win, damned if do damned if don’t, paradoxical situation

–        Also tied to number 11, another master number which is doubled in 22

–        Titanium is atomic number 22 on the Periodic Table of Elements. A lustrous, silvery transitional metal naturally found on Earth in compounds such as rocks, sediment, cooled lava and bodies of water. It is the 9th most abundant element in Earth’s crust. Highly resistant to: corrosion, shrinkage, heat, magnetism, electricity. It has a low weight/ high strength ratio and elastic properties that also make for a very unique metal. Used to make airplanes and space stations, eyeglasses, sports equipment, cosmetics, paints, food, body implants including piercings (excellent biocompatibility), construction (classified as an incombustible material) – along with many other specialized applications. It is a super-powered element being experimented on in current technical advances such as creating clean energy and biocompatible computerized sensor chips. Considered non-toxic to humans we contain a detectible amount in our bodies, but haven’t yet discovered its biological role even though it is found in every living thing. There are studies being done in regards to bowel irritation, especially in colitis sufferers – they are being told to avoid foods with titanium (added E171) such as marshmallows, gum, frosting, etc. Named after the powerful giant Greek God ‘Titans’ – the 6 sons and 6 daughters of the Gods Uranus/ Heaven and Gaea/ Earth. Gives the asterism to star sapphires and rubies. The Moon contains clusters of titanium rich rock, found in very high concentration in Supernovas (dying stars)

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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