High Priestess Number 2

High Priestess

– Persephone/ pomegranate, Isis, Artemis, Corn Maiden, feminine side balanced with male – Popess/ Holy Mother, Virgin Mother, Virgin Mary, Swiss deck Junon/ Juno Roman Queen of Gods, Luna

–        Grace, House 4, Moon, Camel, invite living to esoteric mysteries

–        Pomegranate – on veil which sometimes has oak or fig, immortality, duty, afterlife knowledge, connected to Shekhinah – female indwelling presence of divine

–        Sister to Empress who brings life to world

–        Sits between dark and light at the gate before Great Mystery, indicated by Tree of Life in background, she is mediator of passage into the depths of reality

–        Pillars dark and light, black/ white, severity/ mercy, joined by veil to signify both need balance, Solomon’s Temple, separated is the strength (Church and State for example), Hierophant also has pillars representing extremes of heart/mind – must enter via centre

–        Left pillar – Boaz/ Bohas, negation, North, strength, severity, black

–        Right pillar – Jachin/ Jakin, beginning, South, mercy, white, establish

–        She is the middle path – Gimel. Veil/tapestry hung between pillars to allow only initiates to enter, duty

–        Blue robe(rare color in nature) – rare knowledge, white robe – purity

–        Solar/ equal arm/ Aquarius/ Universal/ Latin/ Greek cross on breast – balance of male/female, positive forces in balance, divine reaching to humanity, psychic tension, world-wide spread of teaching

–        On lap half covered/ revealed Torah – exo/ esoteric teachings, higher knowledge, divine law (TORA), infinite loop

–        Palm tree – fertility of the mind, seated on cube – Earth

–        Divine and unconscious knowledge and wisdom, deep understanding of Universe, used to teach not control

–        Inner voice, intuition

–        Moon under left foot is dominion over pure intuition, a crescent moon(yellow, masculine seed)/ horns of cow, Goddess Hathor, maiden stage of maiden-mother – crone- goddess archetype – also depicted on crown as 3 phases of moon. Virginal Persephone, Mary, Artemis, Ship of Life. Traditionally shown as a waxing moon lit on right, also a waning moon shown at times

–        Crown of Isis, Lunar crown, triple Goddess, controlling tides

–        Citrinitas stage (base metals to gold/ yellowing of the lunar consciousness) of Alchemy when Nigredo (black) chaos goes to Albedo (white) of contemplation/ stillness on the way to Rubedo (red) which is full engagement with World

– Moon/ Cancer/ Cardinal/ water, Taurus and Virgo/ Moon exalted, Moon grooves with Venus. Virgo mutable earth – immense task turn within to criticize and seek what is needed to learn. Cancer cardinal water – bring emotion into balance, nurture

–        Blue – blue sky, water, moon, higher learning, lapis lazuli, blue vitriol/ copper sulphate controls algae

–        Shen – reed tied in circle like ouroboros, cycle of time/ eternity, protection

Number 2

–        Taurus-Hierophant, Venus-Empress, Earth, ears, throat, neck

–        Aesthetics, bonds, mediation, adaptability, I have

–        Nail/ Vav, tent peg, hearing, money stored, non-material skills

–        Duality

–        Venus/ Cancer/ love, Moon/ Libra/ peace, Jupiter/ Capricorn/ change, Mars/ Aries/ dominion

–        Wisdom, intuitive, awareness

–        Relating to the other, contrasts, conflict, static condition

–        Balance emotional see-saw of union and separation, equilibrium, diplomatic

–        Pairs of opposites black/ white, hot/ cold, night/ day, male/ female, peacemaker/ partisan

–        Balance, mirroring, cooperation, conflict, separation

–        Seeks never to be alone, over-dependent, play martyr, doormat

–        Gateway to emotions, sensitive, shy, fear of confrontation

–        Feeling life, listen to intuition

–        Most feminine, loving, affectionate, supportive, harmonious, healers, loyal

–        Critical, moody, jealous, lazy, co-dependent, weak

–        Shape of ‘bowing down’, flexible under pressure, ultimate survivor

–        Yin, 2 side balance, stability/ reflection, opposite poles, dual nature of humans

–        Binary, sin-transitory and corruptible

–        Helium is atomic number 2 on the Periodic Table of Elements. Being a noble gas (inert) it has never been observed to form a compound (bond to another element). Color/ odor/ tasteless, low boiling / density/ solubility, high electric/ thermal/ magnetic conductivity. Second lightest element, often used instead of the lightest one –  Hydrogen – because it is non-flammable. Second most abundant element in Universe at around 25%, but very rare on Earth and not found in the human body. We are running out on Earth, the only way it is produced is very slow – the decay of radioactive atoms, which can escape from the atmosphere and is extremely difficult to extract. We primarily mine it from the Earth like natural gas and are considering harvesting it from the Moon. The largest deposit here is under the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains in North America. It takes very extreme cold and pressure to change its behaviour which then becomes strange. For example it remains liquid at absolute zero (-271 Celsius) at which point it can rise up the walls of container and escape (Quantum Mechanics). It is an important element for Quantum Mechanics research. First discovered on the Sun therefore named after the Greek Titan of the Sun ‘Helios’. Used in research and medical devices such as MRI giant magnets, incubators for babies, cryogenics to freeze body parts, deep sea diving air tanks, to prevent oxidation of metals during metals welding, weather balloons, airships, NASA also uses it for many applications

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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