Magician Number 1


–        Associated with Mercury  – closest to the Sun, conscious mind, cycles of awareness/ perception, father is Jupiter, born to nymph Maia as a semi divine, he manipulated his way quickly to full divinity, ever changing, intuition, Jupiters ‘errand boy’

–        Aleph, seed, mutable qualities magnified

–        Hat as a sideways infinity symbol ‘lemniscate’, active mind, no ability to raise itself to spiritual level, rhythm, resurrection, movement pure

–        Around waist snake biting tail belt, continues meaning of infinity/ rebirth, ouroboros, transformation, to manifest desires

–        Morally ambiguous, no scruples, exploitation

–        Hands, respiratory, nerves

–        Conduit/ bridge between world of spirit/ humanity

–        Beginnings, do, act, go forth

–        Right hand holding staff raised towards heaven/ sky/ element aether – ‘as above, so it is below’, skill

–        Left hand pointing to earth, finger of Jupiter, leadership. Together both hands are taking power of Universe and directing it toward the physical plane

–        Table upon which is the 4 tarot suits (these may be suspended) as elements earth/ pentacles/ silent action, operations, base, water/ cups/ know, fire/ wands/ will, air/ swords/slave, courage, words. Mastery of them is focus

–        White robe – purity/ Fool/ clarity, red cloak – worldly experience. Has also worn red – flesh and blood/ green/ red, blue – hidden inspiration/ blue/ yellow

–        White lilies with thorny red roses, garden of flowers – passion, manifestation and cultivation of desires, aspirations

–        Sleight of hand artist –second lowest in series traditionally only above beggar/ Fool, can be used as a wild card. High points

–        Communication, training, synthesis

–        Divine motivation in humans, unity of individual being on all planes/ thought

–        Connecting 4 elements to create Prima Materia, up to World card the cards in between are the pathway

–        Most resemble a traditional alchemist (as is Fool), mystic, Shaman, Magus, mediator of above/ below

–        Apollo, wizard, juggler – creates magic patterns, warlock, Genie

–        Mercury Greek God Hermes – supplies ‘hermeneutics’, translates symbolic logic of unconscious in to our everyday lives, founder of hermetic art of Alchemy, messenger of Gods, divine concealed in matter, stones ‘Herms’ at crossroads/ junctions of roadways

–        Beth (Hebrew alphabet) – the first letter with a sound, looks like a house/ body on Earth, beginning in Genesis Bereshith ‘In the Beginning’. Fool (0) is the moment before action

–        Magician – take action, uncover hidden talents, minds potential, very changeable, bullshit machine

–        Impassive face at altar/ table/ anvil for forging secret wisdom

–        Wisdom and folly intertwined, need a sense of humor and play with detachment to be grounded for intuition to morph into this knowledge, to get concentration without effort, humus/ humility- Latin for ground(ing)

–        If Magician in difficulty – dyslexia, autism, sensory handicaps, criminal- lacks Jupiter, needs father

–        Kether – first Sephira at top of middle Tree of Life, Aleph, Ox, Air

–        Mercurius duplex, utriusque capax – Mercury double and capable of either, a sublime entity who is the transformer as well as the substance being transformed

–        Quicksilver – thermometer detects subtle changes, perception increases

–        Mercury as Promethean morning star – Gemini, Lovers, orange chakra, child, I think, KCL Chloride of Potassium

–        Mercury as Epimethean evening star – Virgo, Hermit, green chakra, teenager, I analyse, K2SO4 Sulphate of Potassium

Number 1

–        Aries- Emperor, Mars- Tower, Leo, Aquarius

–        Fire, head, face

–        Risks, ego/ emotion, gushing fluid, energy, initiate, action

–        I am, window/ Heh, look, sight, isolated, beginnings, obstacles

–        Clouds to clarity, Cardinal

–        Feathers, crown, spiritual awakening, recognize divine power

–        Individual, attaining, modes of perception, general demeanor

–        Creation, primal, all other numbers spring forth from 1, most basic building block

–        Aggressive, individualistic, intimidating

–        Happiness, satisfaction from working

–        Primordial unity – God/ Christian, Adonai/ Hebrew (Lord, I am), Koran/ one God, Islamic/ self sufficient

–        Chinese – Yang masculine, celestial, Pythagorean/ spirit/ monad/ Supreme God

–        Taoism “Tao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three and Three begets all things”

–        Astrology – unit represented by Sun

–        Ignition, true original, trend setter

–        Rebirth, creates possibilities and opportunities, not the concrete thing itself – starts things

–        Breaks away from the static state of Zero

–        Ambitious, leader in life, innate self-confidence, inner drive to make its mark and contribute

–        May live in fear devoid of courage, isolation, loneliness, feel awkward, abrupt, obsessed, arrogance, pride, self-absorbed/ centered, bossy, aggressive

–        First step, urge to act, flash of inspiration, single mindedness, unique approach

–        Pioneer, need to do own thing, may not want to lead – can lead alongside to stay part of group

–        Need to have faith in themselves

–        Without the impetus of one nothing can come into being

–        Self-awareness and how relate to others main focus, self-conscious / identity issues, hypersensitive to criticism

–        Embrace originality, be diplomatic, tolerant, master aggression

–        Hydrogen is atomic number 1 on Periodic Table of Elements. Highly reactive it is always bonded to itself or another element. Colorless, odorless gas with the lightest weight of all the elements on Periodic Table, and also the highest thermal conductivity. Potential ‘pollution free’ source of energy having water as the by-product. Used for many applications such as creating bombs, fertilizer, fuel, plastic, pharmaceuticals, oil refining, food (hydrogenation and preservation for example),  glass and as a coolant to name a few. Was used as a lifting gas for airships but stopped because too flammable (Hindenburg). Essential for life – contained in water and almost all the molecules of living things, humans are made up of approximately 10%. An important element in the science of Quantum Mechanics. Antihydrogen is the only antimatter created so far. One of the 3 elements produced in Big Bang along with Lithium and Helium. Most abundant element in Universe, found on the Sun, most Stars and giant gas planets such as Jupiter which is primarily Hydrogen. On Earth found mainly as a compound in water and as a tiny amount in our atmosphere most of which escapes into space. Discovered as a by-product from the reaction of acid on metal which created water, Hydrogen is Greek for ‘water former’. Pure form is dangerous – combustion/ asphyxiation in air, liquid form is a cryogen and can freeze skin. Most of the Earth’s energy comes from the Suns conversion of hydrogen to helium

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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