Empress Number 3


–        Dance, music, rhythm, valuable possessions, fertility, Mother Earth, motherhood, nurture, emotional

–        Darkness – jealousy, envy, covetousness, rages, tempers, infidelity, cruelty

–        Venus – ruler of beauty, values, what is desired: can cultivate/ change ideas here

–        Morning Venus rises in East, feisty, lusty, fun, Venus Lucifer

–        Evening Venus rises in West, sophisticated, cultured, Venus Hesperides

–        Mars pursues Venus in orbit a ‘planetary pair’

–        Nature, natural/ chaos, but still has royal vestments because the daughter of heaven and earth

–        Crown is ‘marriage ring’ between heaven and earth, rules proliferation of all flora and fauna. Diadem is 12 stars in cluster – productive/ generating after being impregnated in body and mind by seed ideas.  Consider number combinations, 3×4, 2×6 etc. 12 stars/ zodiac signs/months/hours on clock. Six pointed hexagram stars represents dominion over macrocosm and great world. Creative and destructive powers, life/ death, Universal Womb

–        Scepter (phallic/ male) has globe of world (feminine)

–        White robe with fruit/ halved pomegranate, purity and illumination, what Persephone ate in underworld

–        Wheat, waterfalls, throne, pregnant – perpetual nourishment and refreshment, seed ideas, connects with Death card – Hades beloved Queen

–        Shield – love, protect in an instant, force- field

–        Triad – body/ soul/ spirit, sky/ earth/ water, maiden/ mother(Empress)/ crone, death/ life/ rebirth. Empress is triple threat

–        Intelligence expressed in all creative aspects

–        Kidneys, diaphragm, path of Daelth/ door/ gate of heaven, solitude, fertility

–        Taurus/ earth/ fixed, ‘I have’, 2nd house

–        Libra/ air/ cardinal, ‘I partner’, 7th house

–        Swan – transformation, sacred to Venus, balance

–        Lotus – feminine and passive power, wisdom, root chakra, connection to nature/ life

–        Alchemical element salt – the crystallization, inactive manifest, vehicle for subtle principle to work through. Part of the sulphur/ mercury/ salt ‘trinity of life’

Number 3

–        Gemini – lovers, Mercury – magician, air, lungs, arms, Jupiter, Mars, luck for Sagittarius

–        I know, sword/ Zain, harvest tool, yellow, gold

–        Understanding, smell, mental state, local environment and local people, short distances/ journeys, local community

–        Creative energy, inspiration, open and authentic communication, expression, imagination, artists

–        Joy, socializing, daily life, siblings

–        Mercury/ Cancer/ abundance, Saturn/ Libra/ sorrow, Mars/ Capricorn/ works, Sun/ Aries/ virtue

–        To manifest in physical realm must do things in threes – creative power and growth

–        Triad – beginning/ middle/ end, birth/ life/ death, past/ present/ future, body/ soul/ spirit, Osiris/ Isis/ Horus

–        Astral or ’emotional’ body stays connected to physical body 3 days after death

–        Conceited, melodramatic, excess, three’s a crowd, insecure, jealous, flaky, gossipy

–        Charismatic, superficial, optimistic, harmony, wisdom, requires discipline, grounding

–        The first true number, triangle, Borromean rings – need each other, strength in union

–        Valknut – Viking symbol for slain dead, knot of the slain, tripod of life, Valhalla belongs to Odin their protector

–        Number of time – past/ present/ future, the divine, sacred, rituals – many actions times 3, father/ son/ holy spirit for example

–        Think good, speak good, act good

–        3 primary  colors red/ yellow/ blue, Iris petals faith/ wisdom/ courage

–        Troika – Russian for triplet, 3 dimensional, octopus has 3 hearts, camel has 3 eyelids

–        Lithium is atomic number 3 on Periodic Table of the Elements. Soft, alkali, silvery white, lightest metal that can float on water. Reactive, found as a compound on Earth in crust, stones, mineral salts, sea/ ocean water. Corrosive when exposed to moisture. From the Greek word ‘lithos’ meaning rock or stone. It is also found in every living thing but its function is unknown. In the human body it has been discovered to increase the volume of the brain, affect dopamine, decrease suicide and treat manic episodes in manic-depression – too much can have adverse effects on health and unborn babies. It oxidizes when exposed to air, flammable –  burns bright red to white, used for fireworks, has high electrical conductivity and high heat tolerance (boiling point is 1,330 degrees Celsius). Used in batteries, airplanes and aerospace components, nuclear coolant, desiccant, high temperature coolant, nuclear reactions, heat resistant glass and ceramics, optics, telescopes. Lithium Hydroxide can be used to  purify air by removing carbon dioxide and water to control algae. One of the three elements created during Big Bang along with Hydrogen and Helium.

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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