Heirophant Number 5


–        Pillar card, acolyte, structured belief, enter via centre

–        Earth-fixed, Taurus-identifies with personal possessions/accomplishments

–        Venus, fertility, solitude, female energy

–        Fixated on the ‘way things are done’, daily routines, I have

–        Builder, creative power, nail/vav, tent peg

–        Purification, red/orange, throat, liver, gall bladder

–        Follow rules, explore spiritual structure in life, authority, view on religion

–        Doing the ‘right’ thing. Example marriage (male 3 + female 2 = hierophant 5)

–        Black and white tiled floor – neutral authority

–        Monks – conscious and subconscious, entry into groups/situations that requires specialized information. Be still, listen, grow, evolve

–        Priest who interprets sacred mysteries and esoteric principles understood by a select few. Builder of bridge between humanity and Gods

–        Right hand raised – blessing, fingers up/down bridge between heaven and earth

–        Papal cross/triple bar cross/triple crown– authority over mysteries, teacher of hidden wisdom. Channels power through society

–        Keys – to heaven, balance between conscious/subconscious

–        Sometimes depicted as Norse God Odin who was awesome at everything, Jupiter Roman King of the Gods, Bacchus Roman God of wine/theatre/agriculture – the liberator, freeing one from the normal self

–        Therapist, role model, guide, someone worth following

–        Needs dual acolytes – also in Lovers, Devil, Chariot, Tower

–        Sulphate of Sodium – sulphur/oxygen/salt. A laxative, cleanser

Number 5

–        Leo-Stength, Sun-Sun, fire, heart, express ego, Jupiter, blue, mercury, Taurus

–        I create, serpent/teth, clay container, mercurial, outgoing

–        Idea of ‘perfect man’, expansion, flexibility, mental constructs, pentagram

–        Taste, parties, children, pleasure, creative expression

–        Mars/Scorpio/disappointment, Venus/Aquarius/ defeat, Mercury/Taurus/worry, Jupiter/Leo/strife

–        Severity, define ego identity, adventure, opportunity, charismatic

–        Dynamic, energetic, slightly female energy, mutable, vulnerable

–        Independent, risk-taker, restless, likes travel, motivated, magnetic, playful

–        Loves change but loyal, will try different things before settling – but needs to be exciting

–        Likable but opinionated/self-righteous, selfish, poor judgement of character

–        Demands freedom, does not like restraints of organizations/authority, revolt (historically many have started on the 5th)

–        Drugs are a problem, sexually promiscuous, irresponsible, overly dramatic, need to focus

–        Needs to experience in order to learn/gain stability/accept responsibility

–        Natural detective, journey of discovery

–        Number of marriage – male is 3, female is 2 = 5 (Hierophant)

–        5 senses – sight/taste/touch/hearing/smell, 5 elements – earth/air/fire/water/ether

–        5 wounds of Christ, 5 fingers, 5 toes, the number of humanity

–        H.P Blavatsky “5 is the spirit of life and human love”

–        Many examples of 5 in religious stories/dogma/societal constructs

–        5 lines in a stave of music, 5 reigns – elemental/mineral/vegetable/animal/human

–        5 oceans/great lakes/continents(all depending on viewpoint and timeline, but relevant) – Europe/Asia/Africa/ America/Oceania

–        Unbalanced motion

–        China has many structures of 5 – for example earth/fire/metal/water/wood: the 5 elements in Feng Shui systems

–        Boron is atomic number 5 on Periodic Table of Elements. Black metalloid that exists in many stable covalently bonded polymorphs: crystalline is very hard – 2nd hardest compound, comparable to diamond which is a form of carbon. High melting point above 2000 degrees Celsius, once heated better at conducting electricity, some forms are flammable. Difficult to isolate, it can be highly concentrated by water as a compound since it is water soluble. Created in outer space from nuclear reactions when cosmic rays hit particles and during Supernova events when stars finally blow up. Found also in meteoroids and cosmic dust. On Earth found as a compound in crust, borate minerals, volcanic hot springs and gemstones such as tourmaline and blue diamond. Used in fiberglass and structural materials for buildings, sports equipment, high strength tape, cooking and laboratory glass (does not expand when heated), ceramics, cleaners, insecticide, abrasives, nuclear energy, spectroscopy, adhesives, rocket fuel, radiation shields, aerospace materials such as structural shielding, military use such as tank armour and bulletproof vests, coating tools, semiconductors. Magnets: MRI machines, powerful drive motors, computer hard drives, dvd players, cell phones, speakers, wood preservatives, water treatment – antiseptic/ fungal/ viral, eye antiseptic, cleans snakes, fungal/ cancer drugs, natural antibiotic. Good at absorbing neutrons so used in nuclear industries – cancer treatment, reactor shutdown systems, cooling rods. Small amounts in mammals, low toxicity to humans –  may possibly support bone health but biological role not yet known. Found in the stem cells of all plants, an essential plant nutrient but requires a specific range in soil otherwise detrimental to the plant. Name comes from Arabic ‘buraq’ which means light or white – for borax that was used as a fluxing agent to solder gold and silver. United States and Turkey are main producers. Boron glazes have been used by many cultures, in China as early as AD 300; 18th century Florentines used it medically as the sedative ‘sal sedativum’; can transmit portions of infrared light; amorphous (randomly bound) boron is used on pyrotechnic safety flares and fireworks which burn bright green; may possibly treat arthritis. Boron + carbon + nitrogen = super hard and heat resistant compound called ‘heterodiamond’. RNA (ribonucleic acid) is stabilized by Boron making it important for our evolution.

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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