Lovers Number 6


–        Gemini, the twins, Air, Mercury, mutable, choice, harmony, equilibrium, alignment

–        Zayin – Hebrew for sword, Planetary trump, traveller, Taurus

–        6 as the number of completion. Solomon’s Star connects heaven and earth, made of 2 triangles. Upward pointing/ male/ element Fire, downward pointing/ female/ element Water, family

–        Promethean Mercury (Gemini), original thoughts, intimate expression, Morning Star

–        Two people naked – subjective life begins when we fall in love, ability to be vulnerable

–        Angels – refinement of earthly desires, sanctity of higher power, blessing, Raphael the angel of Air, communication and healing arts

–        Purple cloak, royalty, clouds billowing fog of loves spell

–        Snake –senses, fall from grace, tree of fruit, choices, human nature, flames, passion (the primary concern of male), 12 trefoil flames – zodiac/ time/ eternity

–        Sun – security, warmth, mountain – phallic, water – feminine

–        Card divided in two

–        Notice where people are looking – often a triangle, first geometric figure symbolizing a fundamental human reality, must understand our hidden desires that become the third wheel/ tension/ crutches. Requires bloodshed to cut the cord

–        Moment Adam and Eve take the fruit struck by snake and shamed, leave Eden to propagate human race. Represents the honeymoon period soon to end, flaws revealed. Tree of Knowledge equals responsibility, free will, rite of passage, test, resist temptation

–        Cupids arrow severs them from world

–        First person we fall in love with is ourselves, then we pursue familiarity. Freudian undertones of mother/father love

–        Thoth deck – a glyph of duality, very connected to Art/ Temperance card. Occupies path between Binah (birth of form, 3rd Sephiroth) and Tiphareth (yellow hues). Eve – life top right/ Lilith – death top left on stands of Binah

–        Alchemical process SOLVE – breaking down of elements

–        King and Queen wear crowns of Emperor (red/ sulphur, gold/ Sun)- 5 points Geburah, fiery, destructive, snake coiled on robe show lemniscate  – death andand bi cycles, sacred lance held/ phallus. Empress white/ salt/ silver/ moon, orb with cross is Chesed/ stable/ structure, bees on robe-fertility, holy grail = womb with dove/ Venus/ love. 5 rays – spirit, Lion and eagle emphasize opposites

–        Lily – purity, innocence, vulnerable, health, provisions, 2 rows of three petals

Number 6

–        Virgo-Hermit, Mercury-Magician, Earth, Uranus, Venus, goddess, love

–        Completeness, perfect number – only 4 of them – 6, 28, 498, 8128. 6 is a perfect number because it is a positive integer (1 and on without decimal/fraction) that is equal to the sum of its proper divisors (excluding itself)

–        Female sex organs, cycles, I analyse, hand/ yod, Eros

–        Health and beauty, attitudes about work and co-workers, service

–        Sun/ Scorpio/ pleasure, Mercury/ Aquarius/ science, Moon/ Taurus/ success, Jupiter/ Leo/ victory

–        Identify authentic desires, responsibility, protection, individual issues

–        Motherhood and Fatherhood number, sacrifice, caring, healing, teaching others, caretaker

–        Glue that keeps a family and community together

–        Intrusive, doormat, martyr, jealous, poor judgement of character, take on others burdens

–        Most harmonious number – only number that is harmonious with all other numbers

–        Idealistic, carries heart on sleeve, high ideals

–        Once cynical, angry or feels ignored can be wicked and mean. When insecure gets opinionated, anxious, easily stressed

–        Displays of beauty

–        Lucky number; number of the test

–        Sixth sense – extrasensory perception, instinct

–        Beehive honeycomb cells are 6 sides- hexagon

–        Almost a spiral on the point of going into infinity, like a heart

–        Balance giving/ receiving, helping/ interfering, assisting/ enabling

–        Noise, clutter, confusion detrimental, need harmonious home life, peace

–        Stagnation = depression, keep stimulated slowly and deliberately

–        Excess, addiction, lazy, escapist, smug, complacent

–        Domestic goddess, tyrant

–        Saturn contains a hexagonal shaped storm on top of its north polar area which contains a powerful vortex. Scythe of Saturn – lead

–       Carbon is atomic number 6 on the Periodic Table of the Elements. Unique in that its atoms can bond to each other in virtually unlimited ways and it has the highest melting point under pressure at 3500 degrees Celsius, without pressure it sublimates from solid to gas. Non-metal formed in giant/super giant stars like our Sun using the triple alpha process (collision of 3 alpha particles), the stars then die and carbon is scattered as space dust – yes, we are actually made of stars! Fourth most abundant element in Universe by mass after Helium, Hydrogen and Oxygen – found in the Sun, stars, comets, atmosphere of most planets, meteorites, asteroids. A common element in all known life, second most abundant element in humans after Oxygen. Provides some of the energy from our Sun. Carbon bonds together in varying forms (allotropes) that all have their own unique characteristics – most forms are non-reactive under normal conditions. Carbon forms more types of compounds than any other element – around 10 million known so far which is why it is called the ‘King of Elements’ symbolized by 3 crowns for the 3 major forms – diamond, graphite and nanoforms – which are all very different from each other. Diamond and graphite are basically the opposite of each other – the hardest and softest known substances for starters, one conducts electricity and the other doesn’t; the list goes on. Found on Earth in mantle, crust, atmosphere, water, all living things; harvested mainly from carbonate rock such as limestone, marble; also from carbon monoxide in atmosphere, coal, peat. There are so many types, uses, and characteristic variations that it is an incredible subject to explore. Some interesting ones are ‘graphene’ which is the thinnest and strongest material ever created and is considered for future superstructure projects such as a space elevator; nanomaterials created from ‘fullerene’ used to make buckyballs and nanotubes for highly advanced medical applications such as advanced air and water purification, bioimaging, microprocessors, buckyballs to binding medication to target diseased cells in body and nanotube ink for textiles that would contain solar cells and electronics. Unique that it forms strongly bonded chains sealed off by hydrogen, an example is fossil fuels. Used to make many things such as plastics, fuel, sugar, antibiotics, transforms iron into steel, basic water and air filtration, textiles, food, glass, nuclear applications to name just a few things it is used for. Name comes from Latin word ‘carbo’ meaning coal and French word ‘charbon’ meaning charcoal. Known and used since ancient times in all cultures – diamonds in China around 2500 BCE; soot, graphite and charcoal in Egypt and Sumer around 3750 BCE. Most forms have low toxicity to us generally speaking; stays in the body so good for tattoos – Otzi the iceman still had his carbon tattoos from 5200 years ago, bad if inhaled – coal dust (black lung), diamond dust. Some forms are lethal such as cyanide and lectin ricin from castor seeds. Carbon Cycle – carbon is picked up and then deposited elsewhere for example plants pick it up in atmosphere, we eat the plants and eventually give up the carbon via waste or body decomposition and the cycle continues – the balance of this cycle is crucial to life on Earth as we know it

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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