Chariot Number 7


–        Cancer, 4th house, ancestors home, inheritance I feel, cardinal, movable, water, moon, breast, ring finger

–        Charioteer – hero, skilled person, project manager, strategist, get the job done by any means

–        Earth element symbol on chest – strength of will, chariot  can be used as a weapon

–        Karata, Chokmah, cheth/fence, tent wall

–        Canopy/drapes with 6 pointed star/hexagrams – perfect balance between man/God, Kings Star, earth and sky/celestial influences

–        Outward crescent moons – formative world, alchemical symbols – spiritual transformation

–        Sphinx – sometimes shown as statues/immovable, an unsolvable riddle/mystery of nature/no answers, like pillars in High Priestess but his path is not the same, ‘the way’, union of positive and negative

–        Wings on Chariot – inspiration and Hindu sign of union of positive and negative

–        Laurel and star crown are highest spirituality but this card is about the physical, moment of triumph/victory

–        No reins, controlling using willpower/not emotional, may hold sword/wand – masculine symbols

–        City behind, turning back on materialism to seek higher spirituality

–        Appreciate the struggle- makes celebration more enjoyable

–        Tread cautiously and use newly asserted power with discipline and care, pay attention to detail, refuse temptation to be aggressive with aims

–        May indicate a long and difficult road, hard work, gives strength and purpose

–        Gives confidence only achieved when you have done something you thought you could not

–        Directed/controlled energy, entering a new period in life

–        Liberation and limitation – the two forces must be in balance

–        Repetition, commitment, schedule, becomes part of our existence

–        Markings on skirt and star on head – can represent Alchemical Antimony (triumphal Chariot)

–        Alchemical Antimony – contains ‘Celestial Spirit’, heavy – sinks to bottom and out of it grows Charioteer, stable form is blue/white metalloid, unstable form is yellow/black non-metal, descended from a fire elemental, used as a fire retardant/batteries, associated with wolves/protection, composed of sulfide mineral Stibnite(sulphur+stibium), also called Kohl/silvery lustrous grey, used in ancient times as cosmetic


Number 7

–        Libra-Justice, Venus-Empress, Air, diaphragm, kidneys

–        I relate, OX/goad/lamed, shepherd staff

–        Work, partnerships, legal stuff, how you are viewed by others

–        Venus/Scorpio/debauch, Moon/Aquarius/futility,  Saturn/Taurus/failure, Mars/Leo/valour

–        Victory, physical survival, analysis, understanding, ‘deep’, second sight, transactions, marriage

–        Difficult number to interpret, spiritual but not religious

–        Totality/limitations of the material world – Chronos – God of time/Greek, everything made of matter has life span. Tempts individuals to control time, very difficult.

–        Bridge between spiritual and material realms

–        Seven – colors in visible spectrum (rainbow) rainbow, notes on music scale, ages of man, days of week, chakras (Sanskrit for wheel turning), deadly sins, virtues

–        Duty, starting things, dynamic, knowledge seeker, interest in link between matter and spirit

–        Contemplative truth seeker, introverted, independent, scholars, technically orientated, analytical, reserved, stoical, catalyst for galvanic change, brilliant

–        Intuitive, secretive, pessimistic, cynical, intolerant, perfectionist, withdrawn, subtle, moody, explosive, aloof, devious

–        Seven days is a quarter of a Moon cycle

–        Things ‘happen’ around a strong seven

–        In Alchemy the place/step to transform lead to gold

–        Profound feelings of being less accomplished than others, obsessed  with proving to the point of death, money means nothing

–        Understand hidden truths, obscure, can be verbally abusive, lack empathy, a strange and not obvious intellect especially when young

–        Dry/sharp humour, excellent taste but abhors fashion and ‘normal people’

–        Perfection/security – contains number 3 of the soul with number 4 of earthly body

–        Seed of Life symbol has seven circles

–        Nitrogen is atomic number 7 on the Periodic Table of the Elements. Elemental Nitrogen in standard conditions is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas, lightweight, high electronegativity, low melting/ boiling points. Atomic form is very reactive, under high pressure and temperature creates a structure similar to diamonds, liquid form is extremely cold (-196 degrees Celsius) and boils/ converts to gas above this temperature which is why it makes ‘fog’ at room temperature, solid forms have many crystalline modifications. Approximately 7th most abundant element in our solar system. Forms much of the surface of Pluto and outer moons of the solar system such as Triton (Neptunes largest moon) and 98% of Titan (Saturns largest moon). Makes up around 78% of Earth’s atmosphere even though in pure form it is an asphyxiator. Too much of it is an issue in the atmosphere so balance very important. The most abundant unbound element on Earth. Name is from Greek word ‘azotikos’ meaning ‘to choke/no life’. Found on Earth as a compound in biological life forms and deposits from atmospheric reactions. It needs to be taken from the atmosphere into a usable form which can happen naturally via lightning strikes and bacteria (nitrogen fixation) – now it can be taken up by plants then consumed by animals and so on. The nitrogen cycle moves element from air into ecosphere and back again, this can get thrown off balance by nitrogen products such as fertilizer which can get into water system and create havoc with algae blooms. It is responsible for the stench of decay off of decomposing organisms. Nitrogen is found in all living things, makes up amino acids which are the building blocks of protein used for RNA and DNA. It is the 4th most abundant element in the body after oxygen, carbon and hydrogen –makes up around 3% of our weight. Its different forms serve as building blocks and catalysts for many crucial processes in our bodies. It is a vital element for all life on Earth. Can cause decompression sickness (the bends) when divers emerge too quickly from depths and astronauts inside unpressurized aircrafts. Used to make fertilizers, cleaners, explosives, gas to kill people instead of lethal injection, aerosol propellant, chelating agent, give smaller bubbles in beer, refrigerant, high strength fabric (Kevlar), inflate aircraft tires, liquid is cryogenic so used to kill warts and cysts on skin – dangerous trend to use in ‘fog cocktails’, preservative as a gas in salad bags for example, superglue, gunpowder, pharmaceuticals, caffeine and morphine (plant form), lighting, steel, amphetamines, fireworks, batteries, laughing gas (painkiller), fuel (NOS), nuclear reactor heating/cooling applications. Industrial nitrogen fixation processes account for the fertilizer made to grow over half the world’s food supply. Ammonium chloride  used since at least 554 AD in China. In the middle ages alchemists knew it as ‘aqua fortis’ (strong water), salt forms, nitric and hydrochloric acid known as ‘aqua regla’ (royal water) revered for its ability to dissolve gold which was considered the ‘King of Metals’. It bonds to almost all the elements on periodic table except the first three noble gases helium, neon and argon and some of the short lived elements after bismuth. Creates an enormous number of varied and useful compounds. It is responsible for the purple and blue colors of the aurora borealis.

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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