Strength / Justice / Adjustment Number 8


–        Strength (Rider Waite), Adjustment (Thoth), Justice (Egyptian/ Crow)

–        One of 3 cardinal virtues – fortitude/ strength, temperance, justice

–        Leo, Fire, Sun, fixed

–        Not about physical strength, left arm mental effort, right arm physical effort

–        Lemniscate above head similar to Magicians, enlightened spiritual power, energy of thought

–        White robe/ criss cross leggings similar to Fool – pure spirit, belt and crown a beautiful expression of nature, calm, ‘catch more flies with honey’, female counterpart

–        Lion sticking out tongue- not going to bite, happy to surrender, lion represents animal passions, desires, earthly cravings

–        Woman represents bridge between lion and lemniscate, possibilities, self-mastery. She controls her predatory instincts and chaos of living in wild, fire becomes a tool

–        Moderation in attitudes towards pain and danger – not wanted nor avoided

–        Take command of actions and emotions so they work for you

–        Warmth from Lion, the Suns warmth, hot energy, lust, power

–        Combining strengths to overcome weaknesses

–        Thoth – Adjustment, Libra, Air, Venus, Saturn exalted in Libra = black chains/ bowls, wisdom based on action – combines High Priestess and Magician, be fluid and constant in action, weigh pros and cons daily, two bowls have symbols above alpha/ omega in perfect balance

–        Blindfold with eyeholes so not really blind, headdress is ostrich feathers – Egyptian goddess of Justice Maat

–        Blue and green spheres balance of light/dark

–        Sword, Magician, ace swords, will power

–        Uraeus serpent/ cobra on forehead – divine authority of life/death, DNA, the ‘blue crown’

–        Law, limitation, balance, equilibrium

Number 8

–        Scorpio – Death, Pluto – Judgment, Water, karma – work in patterns, require harmony

–        Male sex organs, eccentric, atomic, hidden, Saturn

–        I desire, fish/ nun, serpent, movement, glory, authority, power

–        Other people’s money, marriage, genetic traits, debts, self-worth gained by developing talents

–        Experience, authority, shared resources, material power, success

–        Doubling of practical 4, follows 7 so leads to new level of success

–        Transitions of close relationships, enjoy journey

–        Saturn/ Pisces/ indolence, Jupiter/ Pisces/ interference, Sun/ Virgo/ prudence, Mercury/ Sagittarius/ swiftness

–        Perfection reworked, destroy, rebuild

–        Regulates relationships between spirit/ body, time/ space, life/ death, heaven/ earth etc

–        Infinity – energy moves ceaselessly between two circles, reincarnation

–        Cycles, seasons, tireless energy, competitive, self-discipline, regeneration, pioneering

–        Restriction can be used to uplift life – materialize wealth via large scale practical undertakings

–        8 orifices in female body, gateway to life, number of new life, symbol of octagon often on holy buildings, og doad – little holy number

–        Number of fate – serious, destiny, ceremony

–        Powerful presence, entrepreneur, sense of structure, tenacious

–        Greedy, vengeful, scheming, neglectful, overly materialistic, miserly, manipulative

–        Business minded leaders, problem solvers, harmony, balance, abundance

–        Negative life attitude will struggle financially, stop the worry and balance spirit and material worlds

–        Intimidate, overpower, workaholic, superficial

–        ‘behind the 8 ball’ = out of luck

–        Lucky number in China – prosperity

–        Byte = 8 bits, 8 is atomic number for oxygen, spider – 8 legs, octopus – 8 arms, now 8 planets in solar system, takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach earth

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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