Hermit Number 9


–        Connected to Magician, Fool cards

–        Wise, wanderer, end of solar expedition and start of lunar phase

–        Virgo-service, Mercury-little finger, mutable, Earth, flexible, stable/change/adaptable

–        Blue hood, Yod – shapes point is primal will/hand of man/wisdom to guide

–        Holds hourglass, keeper of time the conquering element, look inward

–        Male, older, wiser, reaches top of Wheel of Fortune, I do reign

–        I serve, house 6, daily life, responsibility to others, discretion

–        Green/blue colors – wisdom, clarity, heart. Throat, bowels, female sex organs

–        Originally Saturn/Chronos  – who devours children as time devours all children as his symbol ouroboros devours its tail

–        Saturns hourglass transformed to lantern and God became wandering philosopher, holy hermit – examples Greek Diogenes search for honest man, Christian Morienus a Roman alchemist who taught Arabs

–        Saturn represents lead and rules Nigredo, black companion raven/black dog

–        Alchemical process is exultation where Prima Materia now recombined and balanced is dissolved into higher degree of self – also a process of ouroboros and an analogy for meditation, turning inward to raise consciousness

–        Number 9 here- completion and wisdom, 3 cubed relates to Hermes Tismegistus the founder of hermetic philosophy. End of natural integers, the completion of a cycle, 3rd perfection – precedes the death of the element in the 10, reveals how choices in the interaction (5) are now results (9)

–        Lantern = inner Sun, shadows cast have independent existence, lights way for others, 6 rayed star, unity, personal wisdom, see clearly

–        Isolation is research – not fear or being antisocial, in darkness – subconscious field of divine operation

–        Staff/rod – symbolic of kundalini, also magical implement similar to Magician, drive out ignorance, probes terrain, perseverance on own, looking forward, walking rhythm/beating heart

–        Peace, harmony, pedestrian, unity thru diversity

–        Bears truth with robes/mantle that covers, pursuits of youth sacrificed

–        Reduces to salt from Prima Materia, sulphate of potassium

–        Action dependent on wisdom, must acknowledge decisions of 5 and strategize/gather courage

–        Mercury lies inside Earths orbit, two important cycles in sky. Epimethean Mercury (evening star) is cautious, careful, conservative in thought and concerned with history , protocol, precedent, detail orientated and scholarly, analytical, thorough and capable of meticulous research and observation required to comprehend a specific area of study

–        To see the light

–        Light – pure, holy, from ‘God’/Sun, from a centre spreading constantly outwards, spirit, direct knowledge (not reflected), always a conquest for the light/illumination of spirit, symbol of self that has overcome ego

Number 9

–        Sagittarius, Temperance, Jupiter-Wheel of Fortune, Fire, Mars, Aries, Scorpio, Uranus, Hermit- self examine

–        Thighs, upper leg, communication, growth, exaggerate, foundation, uneven number, male, yang

–        I understand, prop/samekh, tent prop, anger, unconventional

–        Higher institutions, long term plans, far travel, freedom, international work

–        Cultural and spiritual pursuits, plan, take action, creativity, growth, sympathetic, generous

–        Sun/Sagittarius/strength, Mars/Gemini/cruelty, Venus/Virgo/gain, Jupiter/Pisces/happiness

–        Compassionate, humanitarian, teacher, fight for underdog, passionate, move beyond, push back boundaries

–        Excel in literary, performing and visual arts, dramatic, antisocial, hard to let go of past/forgive, petty, be own master

–        Moody, sensitive, defensive, intolerant, intense, detached, wild, quirky, vain, extremist

–        Wise, multitalented, adventurous, puts others first, completion, transition, fulfillment, dissolution, return to source

–        Three- the number of regeneration has been completed three times, creation complete, preparation for passage through the eye of infinity (zero) to re-emerge into new cycle

–        Sacred/magic number

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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