Justice/ Strength/ Lust Number 11


–        Justice (Rider Waite deck), Lust (Thoth deck), Strength (Crow and Egyptian decks)

–        Libra-Venus, Air, cardinal, Leo – Tula, Leo symbol looks similar to alchemical symbol for putrefaction

–        Chok-meh, lamed, ox goad, work, serpent’s staff

–        Truth in action, 2 cardinal virtues Temperance and Strength

–        Legal matters, contracts

–        Female figure with red cloak – readiness for action, vitality

–        Sword – right hand, logical, ordered, physical, double-edged to cut both ways impartially, victory

–        Scales – left hand, intuition and logic balanced, mental, both sides of story, gold/ Sun: perfection on all levels, balanced decision, straight forward, to the point

–        Crow – small blue square, insight, earth, grounded, organized mental thoughts, law protecting the circle

–        Pillars – like the number 11 in form, balance, symmetry, constraints of physical world

–        Purple cloth – compassion, obscures golden sky

–        Called upon to account for actions, what is deserved due to conscious action, assume responsibility

–        Can also indicate action in future can be changed by current lessons learned, karma, law of cause and effect

–        Honest with self, search for truth, learn rules, base judgement in fact not heresay

–        Time to do right thing, prepare for decision, respect the Justice served

–        Evaluate life brutally, soul needs true satisfaction, truth is a spiritual lesson

–        Libra – Alchemical act of Sublimation: the effect of charged blood ruled by imagination/ refining chemical bodies/ increasing vibration, solid to gas

–        Libra energy – I relate, kidney, diaphragm, 7th house partnerships and dealings, Air: think before acting, when intentions aren’t sabotaged by own emotional battles will get what is needed which may be different from what is wanted, cold objective balance via reason or natural force. Libra is blue/ green heart chakra

–        Adjustment can be unpleasant but need to create balance with a  cool head

–        Vitriol or Secret Fire = Green Lion, process of internal, spiritual purification.  Iron or copper sulphate salts/ a derivative of sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is unique that it can dissolve all metals except gold on which it has no effect. The symbol for Vitriol is on swords hilt of Justice in the Robert M. Place Alchemical deck

Number 11

–        Master number, normally not reduced

–        Aquarius – Star, Uranus – Fool, air, prophet, hand

–        Cardinal, prime

–        Lower leg, ankles, circulation, social conditions, dreams, revolution

–        Eleventh house – social network, friends, platonic relationships, get down with people, unpredictable

–        Technology, radical, I change, public scenes, roles played in others’ lives

–        Fish hook/ Tzaddi, correct path, imagine, wildest dreams

–        Non- biological children, club activities, future hopes and desired results

–        What a person gains or not from projecting talent and energy through others

–        Visionary, access spirit via higher reaches of mind

–        The ones amplify each other, lightning conductor for spirit

–        Intuitive undertakings, visions and flashes from beyond rational intellect

–        Non-verbal communication

–        Similar to the deconstructing/ reconstructing of number 8 (material) but spiritual

–        Inspirational teachers, uplifting, charismatic, intense, psychic

–        Impractical idealism, avant garde, androgynous

–        Treachery, betrayal from secret enemies

–        Problems become learning opportunity, faith

–        Sodium is Atomic number 11 on the periodic table of elements. Sodium is a very soft, silvery-white, reactive alkaline metal. The pure form explodes in water to create hydrogen gas which burns yellow; oxidizes quickly in air sometimes causing spontaneous combustion. Sodium fires cannot be put out with a typical fire extinguisher which will exacerbate the situation. 6th most abundant element in Earth’s crust, a plentiful compound found in many living organisms such as plants, animals and all bodies of water including our own bodies which are 50-65% water – essential to maintaining our fluid balance and nerve function. Used as a molten coolant for nuclear reactors along with many other industrial and cleaning applications. The symbol Na is from the Latin word ‘Natrium’ derived from the Egyptian word  ‘Natron’ – a naturally occurring mineral salt. Sodium is from the English word ‘Soda’ which is derived from Arabic word’ Suda’ meaning headache for which it was used to relieve. Common cooking compounds are table salt and baking soda, also used in lighting and de-icing solutions. Found in many stars including the Sun

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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