Devil Number 15


–        Capricorn/ Makara – respect, gratitude, attention from others, ruled by Saturn – limiting control, security, step by step, tenacious, Mars exalted, Star sign, Earth, cardinal

–        Viewed as a nasty Hermes (wings), Mercury, winter solstice, 1 + 5 = 6: Lovers in bondage

–        Knees, Ayin/Binah eye/ eye of God, 26th path Tiphareth to Hod – ruled by Mercury, ceremonial magic, manifest

–        Satyr – half man half goat, scapegoat

–        Harpy feet, seated on square pedestal/ altar which is a half-altar, sensory half only so he can’t make informed full decision

–        Bat wings – creature that sucks out life force, Hermes/ Mercury, what happens when we give full rein to raw desires, lose vitality and life energy

–        Hypnotic stare draws in, he is administering the oath when people willingly build loyalty to vice

–        Inverted pentagram, dark side, extremities, stalkers, co-dependency

–        Loose chains, bondage voluntary, entrapment, ignorance, focus on material world, hopelessness, temptation, addiction

–        Humans also have horns and tails, they become more devilish as they stay in realm, humans can represent Lovers, Empress/ Emperor

–        In dark doorless cave, deepest recesses of subconscious, only crisis can break through, in the mountains

–        Hand signals – similar to Hierophant but reversed, raised right hand – making a symbol, could be solve et coagula or inverted Jupiter. Lowered left hand with torch – torch could represent the penis, strong sexual energy, material/ physical side

–        Toxic relationship metaphor for bad things people surrender themselves to

–        Solve et Coagula – dissolving/ bonding/ fixing, process of Devil is coagulation, matter reduced to solid state in homogenous body – the humans

–        Winged Alchemical vessel, its centre has nigredo/ black mass which has reduced matter to a solid mass and entrapped it. Conscious and unconscious to become whole – third eye/ eye of God, tunnel vision, highly focused on task so not always negative

–        Thoth deck – chaos in background are canals on Mars, goat is Pan the God of physical pleasure, no moral judgement. Spiral horns are masculine energy, DNA helix, spiral galaxies, life energy. Wand of Chief Adept used in Adeptus Minor ritual of Golden Dawn, also in 5 of wands, phallic, evokes spirit. Two serpents, sperm, crown of upper and power Egypt, unification of opposites. Caduceus  – creative impulse, also in Fool and Magician card. Tree trunk and spheres, penis and testicles, trunk penetrates rings of Saturn  associated with female energy, Goddess Nuit, Binah Great Mother. Spheres also considered souls, 10 pairs of chromosomes, left is four females adoring, right is four men subdued by Minotaur

Number 15

–        Magnetism, charisma, magical, charming, fortunate, family, idealism

–        Hypnosis, manipulation, ‘black magic’, magic squares (Asia – Lo Shu), talismans, binding

–        Phosphorus is atomic number 15 on periodic table, a very reactive element not found in pure form naturally, found in chemical compounds

–        May 15th is International Day of Families, the 15th is a day of the month that marks the start of several Jewish holidays

–        Age that grants new responsibilities in many countries

–         Number of the human, 15 Mysteries of the Rosary of Virgin Mary

–        Saint Pauls’ 15 impurities of the soul: sexual vice, impurity, sensuality, worship of false Gods and sorcery, antagonisms and rivalry, jealousy, bad temper and quarrels, disagreements, factions and malice, drunkenness and orgies

–        Duality of base consciousness and higher self

–        Choices that can liberate towards a higher plane of existence

–        Overcoming weaknesses, aloof, hiding need for love, rebelliousness, vulnerable

–        Outgoing but a private home life, loyal, caring, thrive in harmonious situations

–        Very creative, share by expressing outwardly or teaching others

–        Self-sacrifice, compassion, innovation, visionary

–        Inannus, Ishtar, Hecate, Artemis. Decent into underworld

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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