Tower Number 16


–        Planetary trump, Mars, Aries, cardinal, fire, consumes, overt aggression, heat, fevers

–        Pluto, Scorpio, fixed, water, Charon (Pluto’s largest moon) named after the Greek mythological ferryman to Styx

–        Debate that Uranus actually rules the Tower card – more accurately represents the lightning, flashes of awareness

–         1+ 6 = 7, links back to Chariot, progress, positive action, Water signs uncertain in 7

–        Tower of Babel, humans excessive pride and arrogance, selfishness, structure of lies, meant for safety but a prison

–        Windows – three panes of being collapsing: mental, intellectual, physical

–        Lightning – arrow, trident, thunder (bull, ram), beneficial, purifying, futuristic guns, intuition, pierce illusion (male method)

–        The concept of lightning piercing a man-made structure to reveal reality is common. Skara Brae ‘Heavenly Fields’ – a covered up village in  Neolithic Scotland fate and language associated with other groups around the world: Gobekli Tepe/ Turkey, Field of Reeds/ Ancient Egypt, current Dogon of Mali/ Africa, Elysian Fields/ Greece

–        Mars – war, swift attacks, single-minded, serves needs of Sun (ego) and desires of Venus (she can manipulate)

–        Pluto – Lord of Underworld, explosions, sabotage, rebirth, repressed memory

–        Upheaval, liberation at a price, dangerous confrontations, awakenings, external havoc, Hebrew ketter Peh

–        Aries (Emperor) – authority; Scorpio (Death) – total destruction, opportunity to rebuild

–        Scorpion hides in earth, absorbs poison which can be transmuted and used beneficially, mystery

–        Mars exalts in Capricorn (Devil), order important, Tower follows Devil in deck: liberty over oppression,  considered a test/ trial, can lead to destruction and/or divine justice. If Devil follows Tower in reading indicates an unexpected earthy manifestation such as pregnancy

–        Justice and Hierophant are too delicate for Tower

–        If lots of Saturn and Jupiter cards in reading: demolition, obsolete, system failures

–        Strong physical connection to Real Estate, human made, not accurate to depict card as a tree

–        Symbolized as House of God: casting out aspects of self that fragment unity of being; House of Man: lightning strikes from above

–        No door, phallic, sealed in, only way out is through destruction of Tower, escape from windows which may mean death

–        Crepuscular Rays – look orange/ yellow/ white, rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from point in sky where sun located and pass through  darker regions such as clouds, dust, destruction

–        People falling from Tower has several interpretations – uncontrollable, destruction, disarray, plunging into the unknown, back down to earth, release. Can have a positive or negative indication depending on surrounding cards, Male – conscious mind, female – subconscious mind

–        Crown of achievement on top crumbles under the purifying bolt, divine justice, beneficial

–        Drops from sky- positive energy from destruction, 22 Yods (10 letter of Hebrew alphabet, first syllable for Hebrew name of God) – divine will of God

–        Unexpected challenge, abrupt change, emotional release, purge, avoid a calamity, knocked off balance be events, emotional repression, beating old habits

–        Tower is Nigredo followed by Albedo – whitening of Star. Nigredo’s shell (Prima Matera green) is acquired in Death – Mars exalts in Devil (Capricorn) and Nigredo is deepened. Black to white…  green to red….  Saturn devours… Nigredo again

Number 16

–        Develop independence, initiative, willpower, overcome obstacles, wisdom

–        Unforeseen events, trials and tribulations, obligation, responsibility, material power

–        Transmute  vibrations to a higher level, psychic experiences

–        Controlling behaviour creates difficulties, trouble fitting in

–        Experts in human nature, healing abilities, intuitive, complete and perfect, wholeness

–        Passionate to the point of self-destruction, perfectionist

–        Dreamer yet practical, relationships must be harmonious or be alone

–        November 16th is the International Day of Tolerance

–        An auspicious number in India, 16 ounces in a pound

–        Sulphur has atomic number 16 on periodic table, unique because it doesn’t need to be bound in a compound and can be found as  solitary element in pure form primarily volcanic, brimstone, solid is pale to bright yellow, liquid is red, burns bright blue. Element with greatest number of allotropes (physical forms). Combines with other elements to form many different useful compounds – these smell, alone it has no smell.

–        An age where more responsibilities and rights are granted in many countries

–        16 steps in an average bar of 4/4 music, 16 personality types in Myers-Briggs system, 16 pieces for each player in chess with 16 pawns total

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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