Judgement/ The Aeon Number 20

Judgement/ The Aeon

–        Elemental trump, Fire rules, destroyer and rebuilder, similar to resurrection of Christ

–        Scorpio, Water, transform, fixed, ruled by Pluto – ruler of underworld and also Mars which is related to Fire

–        Cancer, Moon, cardinal – feelings ebb and flow, reactions, time has come to begin

–        Shin/ tooth, on path 20 connects Hod/ Splendour to Malkuth/ Kingdom

–        Sometimes depicted as ‘Prudence’ – one of the 4 Cardinal Virtues. Latin word for ‘hinge’

–        Trumpet call, triumph, cracks open earth/ coffins, dead shall be raised, rapture, resurrection, see our past selves once dealt with rises up and away, forgive, be forgiven, lay to rest, healing

–        Archangel Gabriel – clothing red on white like Magician, divine breath/ cosmic fire, ‘el’ is name for God, Angel of Water who breathes Fire, power of God, Sea giving up the dead like in Book of Revelation. Strength/ messenger of God, children, winter, copper, green jasper

–        Archangel Metatron – shows the way, Enoch, Michael, scribe, strength, boundaries, guide youth, knowledge, violet, green, watermelon tourmaline

–        In background can be huge mountains or tidal waves – unavoidable. Ocean is the end of River journey through Major Arcana starting at Empress

–        Self-reflection, self-evaluation, after an epiphany, receiving a ‘calling’

–        Conscious truth awakened, release guilt of past via remorse, absolution – cleansed, refreshed, atone, unburden

–        Purging process, life changing decisions, epic, correct actions, renewal, use logic and not so much your intuition

–        Long term plans coming to fruition, transition

–        Naked, can’t hide, Council of Elders

–        Final decision, courage, removing blocks, karma fulfilled, rebirth, significant change

–        Enlightenment, awakening, call to resurrection, liberation to light

–        Thoth deck – Aeon, male-female gnostic syzygy Nuit and Hadet, conquering child Ra-Hoor-Khuit/ Horus who is also on chest of Hierophant.

–        Nuit: Egyptian Sky Goddess in Thelema, Queen of Infinite Space, circumference is unmeasurable and centre is everywhere. Pure potentiality as it flowers in physical universe and resides beyond

–        Hadet: Thelemic version of Chaos, Lord of Sky, Father of Life. Infinitely small point within core of everything, axle of wheel, flame that burns in every human soul, Elixir Vitae

–        Ra-Hoor-Khuit: Ra who is Horus on the horizon, Lord of the Aeon, the Crowned, Conquering Child, Horus – son of Osiris and Isis, symbolized by 5 pointed star of flame

–        Flag: equal arm cross, foundational pillars of cosmic order, cardinal direction, four elements, four stages of life, flag of England, St. George’s Cross. Cross on square, meeting place of opposites, crossroads at four corners of World, hub of Universe

Number 20

–        Negotiator, diplomat, loyal, works best with others, completion

–        Idealistic, cooperative, wholeness, complete as unit, membership, harmonious

–        Take your time to choose right path, patience, choices

–        Clingy, needy, distracted from own issues. May need to go off on own and figure things out

–        Mayans: 20 days in a month, they base their number system on 20 instead of 10 (vigesimal number system)

–        Visual acuity measurement based on a baseline from 20 feet, 20/20 normal/perfect vision

–        Dartboard is 20 sectors, icosahedron is a die with 20 sides – the most possible, 20 baby teeth – then 32 adult teeth

–        2 x 10 – two cycles of completion so rewards and punishments will be greater for heeding or ignoring lessons learned along the way

–        Hebrew – redemption, kaph/ open hand, palm

–        Atomic number for calcium on periodic table of elements. Alkaline silvery to pale yellow metal, solid, reactive, forms dark layer when exposed to air, pure form blows up in water. From Latin word ‘calcius’ meaning lime. Abundant on Moon, also very plentiful on Earth as calcium compounds found in many things such as water, limestone and fossils. Most copious mineral in Human bodies – about 2 pounds worth, need Vitamin D to absorb which is primarily supplemented by Sun light. Blocks x-rays – shows up white, calcium salt burns deep orange in fireworks

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.


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