The World/ The Universe Number 21

The World/The Universe

–        Saturn, symbol of time, structure, expert, wisdom, become professional, Earth

–        Sophia – one leg crossed over like hanged man but she is opposite: active/ dancing and looking outwards, naked, hovering, fully open

–        Hold wands/ batons/ soul/ intention in hands – evolution, balance

–        Prudence – cardinal virtue

–        Hebrew – Tav/ Taw, truth, flow of energy, start of great work, cross, four fold, connects Yesod (foundation) to Malkuth (kingdom)

–        Green wreath – ancient symbol, laurel wreath, ouroboros – snake eating its tail. Lemniscate, infinity, can be a ‘bubble’, victory, achievement, tied with red ribbons of eternity, infinite rewards of positive effort, no start or end – a continuum, physical world. Wreath is shape of Yoni (Sanskrit for vagina) – the Great Mother, cervix of birth of all and doorway to afterlife, shape that happens during an eclipse – 2 circles side by side called a vesica piscis, bridge between Heaven and Earth

–        Completion, cycle ending. Finish what you started. World is Omega card, Fool is Alpha

–        Represents what is truly desired. ‘Weight of World’ – may need to ease up, look elsewhere, travel

–        4 figures in corners, same as Wheel of Fortune card but more life-like, lessons learned. 4 fixed signs of zodiac/ elements/ suits: Leo/ Lion/ Fire/ Wands, Taurus/ Bull/ Earth/ Pentacles, Aquarius/ Cherub/ Air/ Swords, Eagle/ Scorpio/ Water/ Cups. 4 evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. 4 Archangels referenced in Book of Revelations: Raphael/ Aquarius, Michael/ Leo, Gabriel/ Scorpio, Uriel/ Taurus

–        Structure of physical world where Divine can manifest, Throne of God

–        Purple – stability of blue and passion of red

–        Wheel of Fortune goes up and down like ferris wheel, but World goes round and round like carousel – all equally wonderful or not, each corner different but equally important

–        Thoth deck – pregnant, sacred geometry, gold, Sun. Serpent –  two colors, duality, kundalini, her foot on snake conquers, control to force Will into Matter, free from bondage of Matter, He-Ra-Ha – now Lord of Aeon. Eye of Horus with 10 rays, circle of stars body of Nuit surrounds, whirling shape – engage matter. Table of Elements with pyramids, Creation. Eagle – 13 feathers links with Death card/ Scorpion/ Water. Man – numbers 1 to 7 on his ears, adds up to 17 and links with Star card/ Aquarius/ Air. Lion – 11 locks of hair links with Lust card/ Leo/ Fire. Bull – 5 locks of hair links with Hierophant card/ Taurus/ Earth

Number 21

–        Dominant creative energy, inspiring, optimistic, sacred, triumph

–        Positive energy, radiant, artistic appreciation, patron of the arts, artist

–        Sentimental romantic, union of Trinity emerges creation of the Spirit

–        Creative solutions to conflict, diplomatic, maturity, in command, responsibility

–        Tyrant, avoidance, negativity, self-serving, unethical, resentment

–        3 x 7  – number of perfection, harmony of creation, Temple

–        Joyful end to a difficult journey, unknown Spiritual Masters of humanity

–        Number of chapters in the Book of Judges in Old Testament

–        Trinity – union emerges creation, 21 amino acids – protein building blocks

–        Number of letters in Italian alphabet, a Fibonacci number

–        Mental body reaches full maturity, final age of majority where people are granted rights and responsibilities

–        Minimize pessimism and negativity because it will affect new cycle and opportunities

–        Compassion, consideration, bringing into balance by giving and receiving, independence achieved via transition, new spiritual views

–        Rebirth of soul into cosmic consciousness, fulfillment

–        21st amendment to the United States Constitution ended prohibition, 21 gun salute to show military honor

–        Theory that 21 grams is the weight of the soul

–        Atomic number of Scandium in Periodic Table of the Elements. A solid rare Earth element, silvery white transitional metal, turns yellow or pink in the air, found naturally as a compound. Reacts with oxygen in water to make hydrogen gas. Makes compounds very strong and heat resistant, used to create high performance military, medical and sports equipment, lasers for ‘drilling’ teeth, high intensity lighting which is similar to sunlight. Expensive to isolate, spread thinly over our Earth’s crust, plentiful in Solar system and on Sun and Moon. Named after Latin word for Scandinavia ‘Scandia’, considered to have a low toxicity. It is the blue color in Aquamarine Beryl gemstones

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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