Page Court card


–        Youngest, childlike joy, young at heart, new aspect of self, young adult, child

–        Lowest member of Court, limited power – by association. Pages serve the Knights

–        Potential to inherit status and wealth there, for now leisure and luxury

–        Element of Air, start of journey, interactions fresh and unbiased, ‘reaching out’

–        High optimism, energy, new stage in life, personality traits very pronounced

–        If things feel new or uncertain = you, if things feel in control = others

–        Transformation, answers not immediate, lack of structure

–        Can indicate an event that creates lots of excitement and joy

–        Escapism, immature, avoid responsibility – eventually shunned

–        Princesses/ Princes – Princess represents the Page’s innate feminine energy. That being said, Court cards can indicate leanings of the energy towards the obvious male or female being depicted. But with Court cards there is no absolutes  in this regard – for example the age, description, maturity, emotions, dead or alive, person or place. These Court card can be describing subtle facets of the person/ situation or place that is not obvious or hidden.

–        Court cards linked to 16 different personality traits – Myers-Briggs/ Carl Jung

–        Page of Wands – think differently, element of Fire, creative spark, cusp of new idea, catalyst to inspire change, highly intuitive, flamboyant, adventurous, needs to be brought down to Earth at times, hates constraints and labels, looks to East – beginnings, talker, free spender, muse, complex messages, devious psychopath

–        Page of Coins – intense, money opportunities, planning, element of Earth, new job/ career, goals, dreams, vibrant, caregiver, natural, friendly, close to Mother, green thumb, scholarly, at ease with self and others, attractive, good vibes, simplistic/ devoted messages

–        Page of Cups – taken/ taking emotional advantage, new feeling, creative venture, unexpected news, messengers, sensitive, make dreams a reality, artistic, very flamboyant, trusting, sensitive, androgynous, deep, caring, feel others feelings/ clairsentient, helpful, adapt by changing personality to fit in, creative/ emotive messages

–        Page of Swords – speak the truth, element of Air, new way of thinking, intense energy to start, lack control, curious, genius, insightful, technical, daydream futuristic endeavors, clarity, cyclical, innovator, nervous energy, calm assurance, technical advances/ eco and biological messages

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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