Knight Court card


–        Action orientated, keep journey going, change, movement, motion

–        More mature and experienced when compared to Page, but not as wise as Queen and King

–        Extremist behaviour, excessive feeling, vitality, ignition

–        Helpful/ harmful, excess/ moderation – needs balance

–        Court defender and messenger, magnifies other cards around

–        Speeds journey, promote/ defend situations. Facilitate law, order, execution

–        In Chess moves best in centre of action, unusual moves, want World to bow to their will

–        Unpredictable, not subtle, foreign travel, leader, honorable

–        Bring much needed energy; bring too much energy and cause damage

–        Apprentices, travellers. Thoth deck on Chariot, like a horse. Equate them to the King

–        Knight of Cups – calmness/ peace, horse is walking, carrying message, wisdom, emotionally uplifting, spiritual, creative, active imagination, charming, imagination and action to make real, feminine energy, intuitive, emotional, follows heart – not logic, love at first sight, moody, jealous, swept up in emotion, pale horse – to cut down

–        Knight of Swords – opinionated, hasty, no regard for danger, powerful, obsessive, great ambition, blind to consequences or needs of others, rushing, cutting corners, scattered, impatient, intellectual discussions, great talker, rebellious, words, ideas, witty, calculating, white horse – to conquer

–        Knight of Wands – energy, passion, lust, impulse, adventure, haste, delays, frustration, abuse of power, loss of self-esteem, strong courage, initial spark of idea, no fear, action, unexpected events/ changes, rush, need to plan ahead/ realistically, aggressive, creative, brilliant ideas, social activism, sandy horse – to battle

–        Knight of Coins – methodical, efficient, conservative, routine, lazy, bored, ‘stuck’, sustained work, effort, responsibility, plough horse, pensive, toilsome effort, build foundations, methodical, reliable, trustworthy, loyal, take charge, play it safe, continue towards goal, narrow minded, stubborn, stagnant, ignore day to day tasks, perfectionist, inflexible, money coming, strategy, black horse – to  determine

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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