Queen Court card


–        Commanding, authoritative, intense, high standards

–        Feminine, subtle in reign, matriarch, emotional maturity

–        Image, support, intuition, reliable, beautification, refinement

–        Yin complement, passive, secret/ behind the scenes accomplishments

–        Manipulative, cunning, nurture, guide, protect

–        Overwhelming responsibility, all Queens are intuitive and rulers of Elemental domains

–        Thoth deck – Fire/ Knight/ Father, Water/ Queen/ Mother, Air/ Prince/ Son, Earth/ Princess/ Daughter

–        Queen of Cups/Hearts – Water, connected to cycles of oceans, mysteries, higher powers, Moon – influence over water like reign, highly intuitive, elusive, loving, mysterious, revered, comforting, distant, dreamy, selfless provider, holds a ciborium (contains essence of life). Mermaids/ Angels – messengers, high ideals, divine intervention, shells/ shellfish – cycles, regeneration, protection. Emotional composure

–        Queen of Coins/Diamonds– Earth, Mother archetype, physical status, provider, doting, fertile, natural, affluent, energetic, substantial, groomed, graceful, co-dependent, lavish tastes, detail orientated, planner (festivals, larger events), home, refinement. Cycles of nature/ Earth,  grounded, stabilizing network, flowers – open up to light, mountains – timeless, infinite endurance. Rabbit a grounding symbol, family, friends, look before you leap, ram – responsibility. Emotional relationships with material world

–        Queen of Wands/Clubs– Fire, provides temperance, spiritual advisor, calming, mediator, harmony, balanced, well-liked, faithful, charming, humorous, beautiful, humanitarian, loves to be adored, manipulative, elegant confidence, magnetic, community, creativity. Cats – awareness, perception, Lion- courage, Sunflower – sunny side up. Emotional problem solving brings creative solutions and new ideas

–        Queen of Swords/Spades – Air, high expectations and ideals, rigid, justice, demands compliance, alone, proud, regal, strong, educated, calculating, demanding, authoritative, intelligent, hidden kindness and sensitivity, runs deep, seems distant but likes it, heavy set, large presence. Butterfly – transformation, Clouds – revelation, epiphany, Rose- promise, purity with some pain, Waterfall – constant movement of emotions, takes everything in path, can end in ‘crash’. Emotional communicator

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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