Chaos Magick Freedom

Identifying with Chaos Magick was simple for me. Well, after many years of struggling for words to describe what I do. I looked at the word ‘Chaos’ and was like ‘yup, that’s how I go at magical processes’. Then I looked at the word ‘Magick’… adding ‘k’ on the end of magic made the word somehow better. I was equally impressed.
That may sound silly so let me explain. I couldn’t identify with any specific religion or magical theory but I did identify with aspects in each of them – Chaos Magick encourages using what you identify with – what calls to you personally and works.
Despite this magical belief systems name of ‘Chaos’ Magick, it actually has a sort of structure. So if you are here to find out about ‘traditional’ Chaos Magick you will be misled.

Magic is Art filtered thru Chaos with some special k…………… Chaos Magick!

Check out my YouTube Channel to see more.
M. Dawn

Video is called ‘Delia Hypatia’ at my M.Dawn YouTube channel.
Take this pill twice per year on empty stomach.

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