Moon Number 18

Moon –        Pisces – river quality, bonding power, sacredness, illusions, mad genius –        Mutable, Water, desires a return to ocean where life conceived in Cancer –        Crayfish, crab, lobster, evolution, deepest elements in psyche we […]


When you see the full Moon and something happens such as: – instant connection – hard to look away – excitement increases – deja vu,  melancholy or nostalgia – possibilities arise in […]

Tower Number 16

Tower –        Planetary trump, Mars, Aries, cardinal, fire, consumes, overt aggression, heat, fevers –        Pluto, Scorpio, fixed, water, Charon (Pluto’s largest moon) named after the Greek mythological ferryman to Styx –        Debate that Uranus actually […]

Devil Number 15

Devil –        Capricorn/ Makara – respect, gratitude, attention from others, ruled by Saturn – limiting control, security, step by step, tenacious, Mars exalted, Star sign, Earth, cardinal –        Viewed as a nasty Hermes (wings), […]

Temperance/ Art Number 14

Temperance/ Art –        Sagittarius – Dhanus, release mental and spiritual energy of intellect, spirit/ soul/ mind (manas/ buddi/ atma), Fire element –triangle, mutable. Teacher of truth, enthusiasm, tolerance, beauty –        Jupiter – long distance […]

Death Number 13

Death –        Older decks called ‘The Card with No Name’ –        Scorpio/ Vrischika, throat, sex organs, fixed, Water, emotions run deep and don’t change easily but when they do very explosive, accept surrender to […]