Hanged Man Number 12

Hanged Man –        Neptune – Pisces, mutable, Water – elemental trump, solitude, uniqueness –        Feet are needle on compass, webbed, higher consciousness –        Spirit suspended, bondage, fog, be vessel or suffer dissipation, surrender, need to […]

Wheel of Fortune Number 10

Wheel of Fortune –        Goddess Fortune, Jupiter, Rota Fortune (medieval), palm/ kaph –        Qualities of one at a higher octave –        TARO (clockwise, completed circle = TAROT), ROTA (counter clockwise), Latin ROTA = wheel. Alternates […]

Hermit Number 9

Hermit –        Connected to Magician, Fool cards –        Wise, wanderer, end of solar expedition and start of lunar phase –        Virgo-service, Mercury-little finger, mutable, Earth, flexible, stable/change/adaptable –        Blue hood, Yod – shapes point is primal […]

Chariot Number 7

Chariot –        Cancer, 4th house, ancestors home, inheritance I feel, cardinal, movable, water, moon, breast, ring finger –        Charioteer – hero, skilled person, project manager, strategist, get the job done by any means –        Earth element […]

Lovers Number 6

Lovers –        Gemini, the twins, Air, Mercury, mutable, choice, harmony, equilibrium, alignment –        Zayin – Hebrew for sword, Planetary trump, traveller, Taurus –        6 as the number of completion. Solomon’s Star connects heaven and earth, […]