Heirophant Number 5

Hierophant –        Pillar card, acolyte, structured belief, enter via centre –        Earth-fixed, Taurus-identifies with personal possessions/accomplishments –        Venus, fertility, solitude, female energy –        Fixated on the ‘way things are done’, daily routines, I have –        Builder, creative […]

Emperor Number 4

Emperor –        Aries, Mars, fire, cardinal – eliminate obstacles, start things, take charge –        Head, face, ‘I am’, aggression, driven, male energy, stability, virile –        Son of Morning, complement to Empress. Represents desire to complement […]

Empress Number 3

Empress –        Dance, music, rhythm, valuable possessions, fertility, Mother Earth, motherhood, nurture, emotional –        Darkness – jealousy, envy, covetousness, rages, tempers, infidelity, cruelty –        Venus – ruler of beauty, values, what is desired: can cultivate/ […]

Magician Number 1

Magician –        Associated with Mercury  – closest to the Sun, conscious mind, cycles of awareness/ perception, father is Jupiter, born to nymph Maia as a semi divine, he manipulated his way quickly to […]