Tag: Cartomancy

Queen Court card

Queen –        Commanding, authoritative, intense, high standards –        Feminine, subtle in reign, matriarch, emotional maturity –        Image, support, intuition, reliable, beautification, refinement –        Yin complement, passive, secret/ behind the scenes accomplishments –        Manipulative, cunning, nurture, guide, protect […]

King Court card

King –        Dominate, control, deep caring, protective, stable, solid –        Authority, strong personality, leaders, mature, fully developed personality of each suit –        Consider that which rules you, final word, results with concrete lasting impact –        Direct […]

Knight Court card

Knight –        Action orientated, keep journey going, change, movement, motion –        More mature and experienced when compared to Page, but not as wise as Queen and King –        Extremist behaviour, excessive feeling, vitality, ignition –        Helpful/ […]